I’ve always been one who cares immensely about the fine details in just about everything. Design has always intrigued me—from everyday objects, to architecture, to product packaging and marketing materials. So, being a web designer is a natural fit for my interests and curiosities. I absolutely love what I call my profession, and I believe love is essential to be successful in whatever we do in life.

I find comfort in well-thought-out simplicity. I have a weakness for classic beauty. When it comes to design, I tend to take the approach that less is more. Simplicity and clarity lead to good design, which helps to convey our messages in an effective and understandable way.

I keep my designs and markup as clean as realistically possible. I find this to be extremely beneficial, especially with the fluid state of web design. Keeping both the design and markup clean and minimal allows for easier modification and adaptability to a wide range of applications.


I am fascinated by the wonderful world of typography. The amount of care and precision put into the design of each typeface is just incredible to me. For this reason, I pay very close attention to things like typeface pairings, scale, and rhythm.

I like to travel. I have been to various cities in Europe and America. I lived in Istanbul (Turkey) and Athens (Greece) and I am currently based in Toronto, Canada. I believe that seeing different places and cultures contributes to creativity, which is one of the vital characteristics of a successful web designer.

I am a language person. I can speak, read and write in English and Turkish. I am also pretty good at reading and writing in Greek. And I am still working on my French and Norwegian. I aim to communicate with people also in French and Norwegian soon.

I provide services to everyone in any place in the world!

So... If you liked what you have read so far, why don't we have a chat in person! You can contact me here and  we can discuss your needs through email. Moreover, we can schedule a meeting if you are also in Toronto or we can schedule an online meeting!

Hope to meet you soon!

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